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February 2013 - Posts

  • Carley Topy

    I wanted to let you know that Carley had a emergency room visit yesterday. Jonas slammed her hand in the door of our bedroom. Jess could not get it to stop bleeding so she called the squad. The squad was able to stop the bleeding but told Jess that she needed to take her to Children's because the finger was partially amputated.

    I meet Jess at hospital (as I was out of town for work). The orthopedic hand surgeon performed a surgery last night to re-attach the finger. She also broke the tip of her finger bone off, which the put back into place.
    She is home now and doing pretty good. She has a splint and wrap that covers her whole hand and up to her elbow.
    We have a appointment with the orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday to take off the wrap and splint and see how she is doing. The main concern now is that they had to completely remove the finger nail and re-put in back on. They said the they are very optimistic that it will re-take to her hand.
    Please keep her in your prayers.
    Kyle Topy
    Youth Pastor
    Hillview Church
  • Geri Baker's Brother Passes Away

    Geri Baker's brother, Skip, passed away last night. Please remember Geri and her family in prayer.
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