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September 2012 - Posts

  • Jeremy Backus Grandmother

    Hi my wonderful Hillview family, My grandmother (Saundra Mcknight) has been very sick recently. She has an "upper hernia" wich is pulling her stomach up into her chest causing her to be in a lot of pain. She is in her mid 70's and is extremely scared about her upcoming surgery. Please remember her in your prayers if you would. Thank you, Jeramy Backus
  • Jack Gessell's Great Granddaughter - PRAISE!

    Jack writes:
    My great granddaughter Kinley had tubes put in her ears 2 weeks ago and the doctor saw a tumor. They did a cat scan yesterday and Katelyn got the results today. Krista called and the doctor said there was nothing there. He said he had to move the tumor to get the tube in so he knew there was one there. I believe there has been a miracle here. PRAISE GOD!
    Jack Gessells
  • Can You Help?

    I received this message from a friend: 

    hi pastor Bill. I was wondering if you could do me a favor and put the word out a friend of mine is losing her home and she has 3 kids and she's in need to find a place to rent in the area.

    If you can be of assistance, please let me know.


  • Jack Gessell's Great Granddaughter

    Please pray for Kinley, Jack's Great Granddaughter. She will be having a CT scan today. O
  • Margie Joy

    Margie Joy is a member of our family who has been bedridden for the past several years due to polio when she was a child.  Over the weekend she was in an accident in her wheel chair that resulted in her fracturing a knee cap as well as other problems with her legs.  She is a Christian woman who has a heart for the Lord as well as all who are around here.  Please add her to your prayers as she is in a lot of pain right now and we not sure exactly what she will need to go through in the upcoming weeks.

    God bless,

     Don Y

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