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August 2010 - Posts

  • A couple new requests...

    Marji had a heart valve procedure yesterday which was successful.  Please remember her in prayer as she recovers.

    Ray Griffin's dad has cancer and is not doing well.  They have only given him 2 weeks to two months. Please remember Ray's dad in prayer especially for salvation.

  • Fred Jones

    Fred Jones is Carol Meeker's sister's father-in-law.  He is currently in the hospital in  North  Caroline  with a  blood  clot  in his lungs.  The Jones family has also recently lost a family member, so please keep Fred and the Jones family in your prayers as they go through this very difficult time.

     God bless,

     Don Young

  • Bertha Salmons Home With The Lord

    Please pray for my dad and family.  His sister in law, my aunt, Bertha Salmons went to be with the Lord today.  She had emphasima and was at hospice for a couple of days.  No arrangements have been made yet.
    Thanks,  Ronee Salmons
    August 13, 2010
  • Arthur Barnes-6

    God is so good! Arthur Barnes IV now has a back brace and the doctors want him to try walking tomorrow (with a little help). The doctors also believe he will regain full control of his right arm. Soon he will be moved to a rehab facility. He is healing so quickly that the doctors are astounded! Thank you all for your diligent prayers!  Holly Young

  • Jimmy Hughes - In ICU

    Jimmy Hughes is a childhood friend of Saundra Farmer and she asked me to put it on the church's pray request log.

    Jimmy was rushed to the hospital on July 24th with an extremely high blood pressure and severe headache. It was found that he has a brain aneurysm and he had a slow leak with it. They got the bleeding to stop but he has had to remain in ICU as the critical time is 14 days. This Saturday will make 14 days for him and he is not doing well - having severe headaches still, ICU psychosis with hallucinations and paranoia and confusion. I got an email from his sister this evening and they have rushed him to have a CT scan due to having increased weakness on his left side - not using his left leg at all and dropping things now with his left hand. The family is staying with him all of the time. Jimmy was my best friend when I moved to Abingdon and his family is my second family and I hope that you will offer up prayers for Jimmy and the entire family. Jimmy is 47 years old.

     Thanks! Saundra Farmer

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