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September 2009 - Posts

  • Prayers for Cyndi Ibarra

    Greetings Hillview Family,

    I have just received word that Cyndi Ibarra has been admitted into the Hospital for an infection. If you could please pray for her and her family in this time of need it would be appreciated. 


    Pastor Jeremy  

  • Mark Tennant

    FROM JIM & GERI BAKER: My son-in-law Mark was just admitted to New Albany Medical Center for his back this morning. Mark fell down some of the prison stairs where he works about a month ago and hurt his back and a week ago this last Sunday he had a confrontation with a prisoner and after being admitted to OSU University Hospital last Sunday (the 13th) afternoon through Monday the 14th they did the usual X-Rays and MRI and they found that Mark had L5-S1 herniated. He has been in great pain this last week and was only able to walk around in the house with all his weight on a cane. They saw his surgeon from his last back fusion of L4 in 2005 this last week and now he admitted him this morning. Geri and I will go to the Medical Center as soon as Geri gets off work today. The surgeon did not want to go back in around the same level and do surgery but he may be forced to by Marks' current condition of pain. Please keep them in your prayers.

  • Hiker's Body Found

    The body of Josh Gulvas was found at the bottom of a cliff where he had fallen 300 feet.  Thanks for praying.  Now, we need to pray for his family.  Here's a link to the story

  • Hiker Missing in Colorado Mountains

    We just received this e-mail from Billie Helman, Zac Helman's mother.
    Cheri and Malari,
    Jordan's close friend, Josh Gulvas, went hiking with his father two days ago in a national park in Colorado. He went off alone to go a little ways further up a mountain and has not been seen since. Jordan is planning to fly out today with Josh's mother and sisters to join the search party.
    Please have your church pray for him and his family.
    OK Hillview - it's time to pray!!!!
  • Riggle's Welcome An Addition To The Family!

    Kenny is a foreign exchange student from Taiwan that will be living with Larry and Tabitha Riggle through the end of the school year. He will be arriving in Columbus on Sunday morning. Please keep him in your prayers for salvation, safe traveling and a wonderful American experience.
  • Welcome Jonas Topy!

    Youth Pastor Kyle and Jessica Topy have a new son!  Their fourth child!!!  Jonas came into the world today at 12:40 p.m. at Mt. Carmel East.  Mommy and baby are fine and healthy.  CONGRATULATIONS Kyle and Jess.  Welcome JONAS!

  • Erma Pack Passes Away

    The great aunt of Saundra Farmer, Cheri Hayes, Debra Paxton and Ann Jarrell passed away Monday evening at Riverside Hospital after a short illness.  She will be shown at the Rutherford-Corbin Funeral Home in Powell.  The funeral will be at the funeral home on Saturday at 10 a.m.  Please pray for the family.

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