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September 2008 - Posts

  • Prayer Request

    Please pray for my Uncle Ben Salmons.  He went to the doctor's for a checkup yesterday.  They found that he came close to having a heart attack.  They found that he had two arteries that were 95% blocked and a third that was 100% blocked.  Uncle Ben is going to have tripple by pass surgery on either Monday or Tuesday.  Please pray for my Uncle Ben and our family.




    Ronee Salmons

  • Josiah Carrier-1

    Missy France received this e-mail from her neighbor:  "Please pray for my nephew, Josiah.  While at home Friday morning (Sept. 12), Josiah pulled the families large t.v. on top of himself.  He is badly injured.  My sister and her husband have set up a website that tells Josiah's story and gives updates at  JosiahCarrier (one word).  Josiah is one of my sister's 1 ½ yr. old twins.  Thank you for your prayers!!  God bless, Jess"

  • Mike Smith-1

    I got an update on my brother (Mike Smith) today. He has colon cancer and had surgery that removed a tumor and 1 ft. of his lower colon. He is doing good, and has recovered from the operation, but the doctor said  according to the biopsy the cancer has spread beyond the colon and it is stage 3. He is going to have a port put in and start his chemo soon. So please put him on the prayer list for me.

    Mona Young

  • Local Firefighter Heads For Louisiana

    Please pray for my son in law Chad and his unit. He is a firefighter and they have been dispatched to La for the hurricane. He will be doing search and rescue out of LaFayette La. They will be gone a minimum of 14 days. They can use lots of prayers. Thanks Sandy Hicks
  • Debbie Coffey's Cousin

    I just received word that my cousin, Dane Clark, was in a terrible accident last night. He and a passenger are both in critical condition in ICU and they are not sure either will make it. Please pray for him, his friend, and their families. Also, he is not saved. Pray that whatever God's will is, that Dane will live long enough to seek and ask for salvation.
  • Roger Dearing

    I recieved the shocking news late last week that my sisters husband Roger Dearing also has cancer. He has prostate cancer and we are in the beginning stages of learning how serious this situation is. So far we know it is a large tumor, but whether or not it has spread will be learned Tues. I stayed with them yesterday while the scans were being done and we spent time comforting each other and in prayer. We appreciate your concerns and your continual prayer for our family also.  FROM Cathy Donovan:
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