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December 2007 - Posts

  • Lisa Nelson-2

    Lisa, the one in Kentuky involved in the tanker wreck, is doing so much better.  I spoke with her husband BJ this morning and it's possible she'll go home over the next few days.  PTL!  Continue to pray for her speedy and 100% recovery.

    Posted Dec 19 2007, 09:18 AM by Pastor Bill with no comments
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  • Jim Baker-2

    I just heard Jim came through his surgery just fine.  PTL.  Please pray for a 100% recovery.

  • Jim Baker

    Jim will be having his back surgery tomorrow morning.  Please keep him in your prayers.  Also, pray for Geri his private nurse!


    Posted Dec 17 2007, 02:33 PM by Pastor Bill with no comments
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  • Nick Courtright-2

    Nick came through his surgery just fine.  PTL  Thanks to all those who prayed for him.


  • Nick Courtright

    Pray for Nick who will be having ankle surgery at 8 a.m. this morning.  Pray for Katie (his wife) as well and his soon recovery.

    Posted Dec 17 2007, 05:33 AM by Pastor Bill with no comments
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  • Mary Lou Wright

     Martha's sister Mary Lou is in ICU at Mt. Carmel West. She has been sick for several years and now is not doing very good. She is a knows the Lord as her personal savior and is ready to go home. She said she wanted to be with her Lord and see Martha again.

  • Delores Hayes

    Please pray for my aunt Delores.  She is very ill.  Here is a message I received from my cousin:

    It's a long story. She has been sick for quite a while with different things that just escalated into several big problems. About 5 years ago she came down with an ear infection and strep throat that would not heal. Once she got over it the problems would occur again, and again until one day her ear drum burst. The specialist has been trying to get that under control. She then got infection behind her ear bone, so therefore she stays dizzy and off balance. Since then every time she goes out into a crowd she catches something different because her immune system is so low. The doctors have been treating her for the past 5 years with steroids. You know that steroids themselves cause other problems. My mother has always been very active at home, but until about 4 weeks ago she became dehydrated no matter how much water she drank. Along with the dizziness her complection was gray, she couldn't hardly breathe, staggered when she walked, and her feet started swelling. Finally, she got to where she couldn't dress herself. We kids tried to talk to dad and mom about changing doctors, but this old doctor in Ashland is a good Christian man and mom and dad think the world of him. After a get-to-gather and church for Old Fashion Day Paul and dad couldn't hardly get her in the car. Two days later she was in the hospital. They have run so many tests. She evidently was diabetic and didn't know it. They found several spots on her lungs and one spot on her spine. She also has ulcers throughout her colon. She finally got out of the hospital and went about two days ago to have her lung tests. She is supposed to find out the results today or tomorrow. Prayers are needed. Sorry this is go long, but I felt the need to explain what was going on.

    Posted Dec 14 2007, 08:52 AM by Pastor Bill with no comments
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  • Nikki Huston

    I just found out that Nikki had ACL surgery today and she came through it well.  Please pray for her that she will have a quick recovery.

  • Lisa Nelson

    I just heard that my dad's wife's grandson's wife was involved in a terrible wreck with a tanker filled with diesel fuel in Kentucky.  She is in intensive at St. Marys Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia.  She has several broken bones and a lacerated kidney.  Please remember her in your prayers.



  • Polly Branham Surgery

    Polly came through her surgery today and things went well.  Please continue to pray for her and her soon recovery.

  • Polly Branham

    Polly will be having surgery tomorrow morning to remove polyps from her colon.  She will be staying in the hospital for three days.  Please pray for her.

  • Friend In Need of Prayer

    A friend and fellow teacher of mine had surgery for two brain aneurisms last Monday. The surgery went well, but complications have developed and his brain is swelling. Doctors are concerned because he has not woken up yet. Please pray for Chip VanCurren's recovery and his family. Thank You
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