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If you search scripture - specifically the New Testament - there is a striking concept that is always prevalent.  It seems that whenever God does something really BIG, the adversary, Satan himself, is always there and tries his best to tear down what God has built. Since his encounter with Eve in the garden of Eden, the Devil is still today constantly trying to discredit God and reverse any progress made in His name.

I have always kept Acts 6 in mind while performing the ministry God has given me to do.  The building of the church had only begun a few months earlier and Satan is attacking with everything he has. Peter and John are arrested in Acts 4. In Chapter 5, Ananias and Sapphira are encouraged to lie to the Holy Spirit by the Devil and many of the apostles are arrested and put in prison.  Then comes chapter 6.

Opposition from outside forces seemed to make the people in the church stronger and the church grew.  So, Satan tried an alternative attack.  He bagan a campaign to disable the church from the inside.  In short, people began to complain.  I encourage you to read Acts 6  for yourself and see how this unfolds. Satan knew that if he could get the people in the church disgruntled and infighting, he could destroy it.

God is once again moving in a strong way in our church.  He has set before us an open door. God sets the stage and prepares the way and motivates us to move forward for Him. He has so much He wants us to do and has miracles He plans to perform as we undertake His will. With that in mind, you can GUARANTEE the Devil will not be silent.  He is going to do everyhting he can to diminish God's momentum He is accomplishing through us.  WE CAN'T LET THE DEVIL WIN!

I have seen his destruction of people and programs in my ministry and it angers me. I have seen souls lost and passion die due to his pernicious ways. I'm tired of it.  God's church must BEWARE. We cannot be so consumed with moving forward that we leave areas exposed and vulnerable. He has a knack for knowing how to get in - to hit us where we are weak and cause the most damage.  Please BEWARE and let's all of us stick together. Let's make sure we are not unduly influenced by Satan himself and the cause of irreprable harm.

Satan was unsuccessful in Acts chapter 6 to get the people disgruntled.  Wise men filled with the Holy Spirit fixed the problem and got the people to stop complaining. Sadly enough, that's when he employed a sadistic approach. In Acts 7, Stephen became the first martyr. Satan took a human life in his attempt to destroy the work of Christ. I'm happy to say that didn't work either.  It actually brought the people closer together and caused the gospel to spread to the rest of the known world.

Now, more than ever, we need to stick together and draw closer to God and each other.  Will you commit to ensuring Satan doesn't win another battle?  Let's watch our attitudes, our comments, our facial expressions, ourselves.  Don't allow Satan to use you to tear down what God is building here at Hillview. Let's stick together and make LOVE the word we live by and employ as we work to make Hillview the best church ever!

Love you all!

Pastor Bill

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Published Dec 22 2008, 05:09 AM by Pastor Bill
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