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  • Sunday Sermon Follow-Up #2

    A leader by definition is a person who others are following.  Seems very elementary but very true. People NEED to follow someone. Take peer pressure for instance. There is in each one of us a desire to look up to someone and mimic them or be mentored by them.

    Being a leader is a great responsibility. A leader must be mindful of his or her character. One of the reasons it is imperative to be a leader with character is because others trust you.  I heard today of a leader in a volunteer fire station association who spent all the funds that were donated to them.  What a shame.  The president of the association told me, "we trusted him.  Fireman have to have a great deal of trust from their fellow firefighters and, therefore, we trusted him - too much!"  Are you trustworthy?

    A leader has to set the example. When others fail, give up or quit, the leader works even harder to accomplish the goals of the team and rally the troops behind him. A leader who pays little attention to their responsibility or has a lackadaisical attitude will find their following getting fewer and fewer. 

    You are a leader! You were chosen because of your God-given abilities and calling to lead in your specific ministry in the church. Now - I just want you to do one thing.  Look behind you. Is anyone following? Are they trusting you - looking up to you and to you for guidance?  Don't let them down. Don't let God down. Lead like Jesus is standing beside you listening to every word and seeing every effort. Lead with love. People won't follow someone who doesn't want to develop a relationship with them and doesn't display appreciation.

    If there's one thing I want in my life as a leader is respect.  Whether it's in my family or here at Hillview, I desire respect from those in the church.  I understand from the Bible that respect is earned - not granted. Are those following you showing respect? Do they look up to you in admiration? Do they see themselves assuming your position one day as they see you better yourself and better serve Christ by reaching to another level?


    Now those are words a leader can live by! I challenge you to read the Bible stories of some great leaders like Moses, Joshua, David, Peter, Paul, etc...

    Love you guys and pray for you always!  If I can do anything at all, let me know.


    P.S. Might I suggest the book "TOY BOX LEADERSHIP" by our own Ron Hunter and Michael Waddell?  You can pick it up at the Ambassador Bible Bookstore on the south end of Columbus or order it on-line at


  • Sunday Sermon Follow-Up #1

    Most pastors would publish a list of ministries where volunteers are needed after preaching a sermon like I did Sunday.  As I described Sunday, the problem is not a lack of volunteers (though there are always needs in all of our ministries) but an issue of "WANT TO" or desire. The question to all of us is "what does God want me to do?"  What am I passionate about?  What causes the most fulfillment in my life?

    Our CLASS 301 is where we study and answer a questionnaire to determine where we fit in the best as far as ministry is concerned.  We all have God-given talents and abilities.  We just have to find out what they are so we can serve God joyfully.  We use the acronym S.H.A.P.E. when determining our gifts and abilities.  S stands for Spiritual Gift - what has God instilled in you that you do with ease for Him? H stands for Heart - what thrills your heart when you do it?  A stands for Ability - what abilities do you have?  P stands for Personality - is it kids, adults, technology, or something else that you seem to adapt to easily? E stands for Experience - what have you done in your life that you could do for Christ?

    Let me encourage you to make this a matter of prayer.  Maybe the ministry you're involved with is not for you and it's time for a change.  Maybe you now see the great need to serve Christ by "picking up the cross."  Whatever it is, pray and progressively move forward and watch how amazing God is.



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