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Pre-Trip Planning Costa Rica - Day 3

There are so many missions and churches all across the world who need assistance.  I am so thankful for our International and Home Missions Ministries in the FWB denomination.  They are hard at work planting and growing works around the globe. My mission verse for the day comes from Mark 14: 7a "For you have the poor with you always, and whenever you wish you may do them good..." I know it may be a little out of context but the principle is the same.  There are churches in need everywhere of every type and sort.  I believe what we all must do (churches and Christians) is find a direction and go with it. At the same time, we must always support prayerfully and financially as best as we can - especially through our own sister organizations.  I believe God has dropped one of these needs in our lap and it's here in Costa Rica.

We left at 8:30 a.m. to go travel the coastline.  Costa Rica means "Rich Coast" and the beauty is phenomenal.  We stopped by a small restaurant on our way that was high in the mountains. We sat overlooking the most beautiful vista (view) in the country.  It reminded me a lot of Hawaii the way the mountains were sloped and how steep they were.  A cup of coffee and we're on our way.

It took about 40 minutes from the hotel to get to the ocean.  We stopped at Playa Dominical and walked out into the Pacific Ocean. The water was unusually warm for a northern boy.  We drove another 40 kilometers or so south and saw several beaches.  The rock formations and small islands that peppered the horizon reminded me once again that this is a "GOD THING" in so many ways.

Before heading back, we ate lunch at another carefully positioned restaurant on a small peninsula.  Another scoop of Guyo Pinto and some chicken and French fries and we're on our way back. 

Arriving back at the hotel around 1 p.m., I capitalized on the time to study.  The great honor of preaching to the church in Cajun was quickly approaching and I wanted to be studied up - especially since I would be using an interpreter.  I have only preached two other times with an interpreter and it can be rough sometimes.  The young lady who will be interpreting has never translated a sermon before so I need to be prepared.

We have almost everything organized and planned for the January trip: lodging, food, equipment, and other activities.  The only thing left is transportation which Pastor Pablo is looking into.

I get up early in the morning to drive the three hours to the San Jose airport.  I hope they have a seat for me.  Pray with me that they do. I will fill you in on the blog when I return and put pictures in the gallery.

Look forward to filling you in on Sunday.

Love to the best church in the world:  HILLVIEW!

Honored to be your pastor,



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