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Pre-Trip Planning Costa Rica - Day 1

I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep Sunday as the anticipation of going to Costa Rica was on my mind.  I didn’t hear the alarm clock go off and I was almost late for my plane. I was totally exhausted by the time that I arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica.


There to meet me was Pastor Pablo and two of the men from the church: Carlos and Carlos.  One of them spent time as a nurse in New York and new english very well.  The other had a sweet spirit about him even though he couldn’t speak English.


Pastor Pablo wore his suit and I felt so honored to meet this lone FWB ministering in this Central American country.  He is AWESOME!  He has such a great heart for Christ and so badly wants to see people saved.  He constantly talked about reaching the over 500,000 people in the Perez Zeledon area – San Isidro.  He has been here a little over a year and a half and already has over 135 people attending church.  He has a seminary (we would call it a Bible Institute) that has 10 that I’m sure will grow.


Our 3 hour drive from San Jose to San Isidro was fascinating to say the least.  Cheri and I traveled the infamous “Road to Hana” in Hawaii with 100’s of curves and waterfalls.  It was beautiful but this trip was as well.  It drizzled rain all the way.  We were going up a mountain 75% of the time. The entire trip was from curve to curve and passing – we were constantly passing trucks and cars.  To most it would be extremely dangerous.  To me it was loads of fun!


We all talked the whole three hour trip. Funny – it appears that many of the same issues Pastor Pablo deals with are the same as in the states.  The top 5: 1-lack of commitment; 2-people wanting the emotions of Christianity but not the meat of the word; 3-people jumping from one church to another; 4-apathy and little desire to see people saved; and, 5-false doctrine EVERYWHERE! It must be our generation and the generation coming up behind us. More on the church tomorrow.


I went to bed early so have no pictures but I took one of the beautiful mountains outside my room.


Love you guys and pray for me.





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