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Setting The Stage For The Future

A lot of things are in the works here in the Hillview community that will affect the future in a big way. The key is that these enhancements are all long-term and will help us fulfill God's will for us in His kingdom. It's an exciting time to be a part of Hillview. God has blessed us SO MUCH and I can see His hand at work in so many ways.

The construction of the new stage is coming along and the roof should be on next week. Volunteers are needed to put plywood on the walls this Saturday. When the stage is completed, it will be a fully functional - state of the art - concept that will enhance our worship and enable more quality dramas and productions. This is a MUST as we reach out to our culturally diverse community and grow the Kingdom. Lighting, sound, video projection and production will improve dramatically and volunteers are needed to assist in this area. A new Audio/Visual space will be created to facilitate the growth. The foyer will be transformed into a more functional area. The room at the east entrance will be opened up to give us more room. The wall will be torn down and an attractive Welcome Center will be created to welcome our guests and provide an informational area. This is needed very badly. One of the main problems identified at our Vision Retreat last year was the flow of traffic through the foyer. It makes it difficult for guests to freely enter and have a place where information can be obtained. With this expansion, we should see a smoother flow through the foyer area and around the Pneuma Cafe.

The leadership of Hillview has made some adjustments in our Wednesday night youth program. Kyle Topy has accepted the responsibility of the entire youth program including the teen group. We will be putting resources and people together that will help grow the youth both numerically and spiritually. Kyle has been working with the younger students and has done a magnificent job. He and Jessica are excited about this transition and will do an awesome job in this ministry. Several months ago, Kyle came to my office with a desire to expand his ministry for Christ and he's doing just that. Let's get behind him and Jessica and watch what God will do with people who are "sold out" for Him. If you would like to volunteer in our Wednesday night youth program, talk to Kyle or Jessica. They want to assist you in fulfilling your talents and gifts for God

WE'RE GOING FORWARD. In my ministry, I have learned that, in the church, there are seasons of growth. With fall fast approaching and the kids getting back into school, things are calming down. Now is the time to invest in the church God has blessed you to be a part of. Here are two ways: 1) Start inviting people you know to come to Hillview and check us out. The world needs to see that church is not a stuffy-boring experience but can be an exciting-vibrant place. We need to see more and more people accept Christ and, for that to happen, they must be exposed to the gospel message. In the Bible, a man named Andrew spent one day with Christ. At the end of that day, he raced out and grabbed his brother to come and meet this man called Jesus. That man was Peter and we know how he impacted the world for Christ. Not caring for the lost around us nor inviting them to church to hear the message of the cross is disobedience. We all know someone we can get to come to church with us. Let's commit to Christ and do it. 2) Sacrificially give for growth. The bank has let us know that we can get another $10,000 if we need it on our signature. We don't want to do that and we don't need to. All of us coming together and giving sacrificially can make this happen. With the money we have, completing the stage should not be a problem. To provide the enhancements we really need, more funds will be necessary. The greatest investment we can make in our life time is to God's Kingdom. My wife and I decided not to accept a salary increase from the church this past year because we knew money would be needed for growth and our passion is for God's work here at Hillview. I ask that you pray and let God move in your heart and tell you what He wants you to do. Let's think "sacrificially" and watch what God does.

One last thing. With the stage construction, it will enable us to get more people in the main auditorium. The goal is to fill up the building for both services by the end of the year. Will you do your part? For the last 2 Wednesday nights, we have been having special prayer meetings for our church. Sadly, very few have taken advantage of this opportunity. You can still be a part. Last night, we made a list of people we would like to see come to Hillview and be saved. There are more than 30 names on the list. If you would like to contribute the names of people you know, send them to me at or comment this blog. We'll also send you the full list so we can all pray together for these people who so desperately need the Lord.

Love you guys and looking forward to building Christ's Kingdom with you.



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