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Ready, Set GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After MONTHS of snags and "hold-ups", we now have received FINAL APPROVAL to begin construction of our new stage.


This stage is needed so badly! For years we have had to set-up and tear down every weekend. We will still have to set-up and tear down the chairs but we will no longer have to "man handle" those heavy and awkward pieces of staging or construct the back-drop. We will not have to set-up the audio/visual equipment. This is so important. The A/V equipment is very expensive and the wear and tear on these sensitive items has been enormous. Our A/V team has done such a magnificent job in keeping the integrity of the quality of the sound and projection equipment. They have gone to great extremes to make sure the equipment was handled properly and always secure.

 KUDOS go to Don Young who is the Levite Team leader. He has been responsible for the set-up and tear down every weekend for several years. KUDOS also goes to Jeff Coffey who is the Audio/Visual Team leader. These men and their volunteers have done so much to make your Sunday worship experience comfortable and with a smooth transition. We, as a church, owe them so much. Now, we need to show our appreciation to them and our thanks to God by all committing to completing this stage as soon as possible.

Both Don & Jeff have been behind the scenes serving but they have also been the primary supporters and encouragers of constructing the new stage. Another person who has been an invaluable proponent of this progress and growth is Keith Madden. Having been our Worship Team leader for over a year, he caught the vision of where we need to grow and go. Thanks, Keith, from all of your Amigos at Hillview.

This Sunday, everyone will have the opportunity to begin serving and volunteering. I beg you to cut out TV, video games or whatever consumes your extraneous time and let's all join together to see this stage construction through to completion.

Love you guys and PROUD to be the pastor of





Don Young said:

Awesome news!!!  I have been looking forward to this day for the past couple of years.    

All on the Lord's time... and now it is time to built!!!

God bless!!

July 12, 2008 9:30 AM

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