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    The last two days were bitter sweet.  We went to service Sunday morning and John Beverly did a fine job preaching.  Henry, our new friend in Costa Rica, interpreted for him and did very well.  The service, like most, lasted almost 2 hours.  There was a lot of singing and praying and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was difficult saying goodbye to our new friends and tears were not a few. I think Tabitha was taking it the hardest - wanting to be home with family but wanting to stay with her new friends. We all felt the same way.

    We spent the rest of the day vacationing at the beach.  John, Diego and Henry showed their athleticism at the volleyball court.  Of course, John was at least 12 inches taller than everyone there and the net. Some played in the water and some sat in the shade and read a book.  We all had a good time.

    We finished the day buy splitting up and going to our two favorite eateries. Some went to Piccolina Pizza. You would not believe how awesome their calzone's were.  And the price - very reasonable.  The rest went to La Tertulia, a hamburger joint.  Pablo says they are the best hamburgers in the world. In Costa Rica, they actually put ham on their hamburgers.  We watched the Steelers beat the Ravens while we ate.

    Sunday was a travel day and that's saying it mildly.  We got up at 5:30 a.m. (except Jerry & Dwayne who went to the bakery at 5 a.m.) to load the bus. Edwin, our driver, and Mario, the owner, drove us the 4 hour trip up the Costa Rican mountains to San Jose to board the plane.  All in all, the trip was good except for a large amount of turbulence coming into Huston.  Needless to say, we were not looking forward to leaving 85-90 degree temperatures for 12!  Especially Don who didn't have long pants and had to wear shorts.   

    The mission trip was highly successful.  We made new friends and have memories that will last a lifetime.  We were able to feed people who had literally nothing and clothed many who had very little. We worked hard putting a roof on the church and enjoyed doing Bible school and playing games with the children.  James 1:27 says it best: "Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world."

    We will never forget the names Carlos, Henry, Anna, Luis, Pablo, Diego and many, many more.  God has blessed us and we can't wait to see what more HE has planned for us and Impulse International Mission Trips!  Thanks to all of you who helped make this trip a reality and a huge success.

    Check-out the pictures in the "PHOTOS" section of the web-site!'

  • Costa Rica - 011709

    A day through the eyes of Jenn, this should be interesting... Today started out with the group going to breakfast at Los Chorros, a restaurant with the a scenic overlook of the mountains. It was one of the most gorgeous views. That is something that has been said alot this week. After breakfast we headed over to Pastor Pablo's church to pick up the food the ladies from the church had prepared for the Indian village; as well as some of the congergation that was going with us to help.

    Then we headed to the Indian village to serve lunch and distribute bags of food for 40 families. Once we got to the village we served lunch which was followed by a short message from the preacher that works with Indians. After his awesome message John Beverly, from Chapel Hill, gave a message out of John 3:16 to encourage the Indian tribe. As far as we know John is the first American to preach in the village. Following the service some people handed out the bags of food to the 40 families. After the food was handed out we distributed the supplies that were donated to the kids and families.

     To end the day Jenn, Sarah, Katie, and John decided to climb Mount BaBa.  What an expedition!  We followed a worn narrow path straight up the side of the mountain through high grass and rocky terrain.  It was well worth the view though.  You could see across the whole countryside and the village looked miniature from where we stood.  Near the peak was a large flat rock that Jenn, Sarah, John & Aaron posed for an infamous O-H-I-O shot.  John felt he was so close to heaven that it would be appropriate to deliver Jesus' sermon on the mount.  Jenn didn't think the journey had been quite interesting enough yet so she tried to roll down the mountain and take Sarah and Katie with her.  Thankfully they caught her fall and no harm was done :-)  We returned to the village and said our farewells just before evening.


  • Costa Rica - 011609

    We had a very full day yesterday and was not able to blog until this morning.  The construction crew continued the work on the roof, a team of people cleaned up the grounds, the church and the park and 4 others went shopping.  We have purchased enough food for 40 families in the Indain village we will visit today - thanks to your heart of giving.

    We went to the Friday night church service which was in the park.  Around 100 people were there including us.  It was lively and passionate to say the least.  Jerry and Dwayne helped out by playing the drums and bass since their musicians were off finishing the coffee harvest.  I preached through Henry the interpreter.  It was a great service and very interesting for those who had never been in a Carribean style worship service.

    Today, we're off to the Indain village.  Pray for us as we minister to the people.  They will be walking about three hours to meet us.  We will feed them and give them bags of food to take home.

    Adios for now!


  • Costa Rica - 011509

    Hola!  Katie here tonight, filling you in on today's happenings down here.  This was my first day helping out with the VBS, the past couple days I've been working on the construction part (a natural fit for my tomboy personality) - hey someone has to show these guys that a girl can hold her own.  I have to admit I was a little unsure about working with all the ankle biters, but I had a lot of fun! Cindy taught some of the local kids how to do a puppet skit, so they performed that for the rest of the kids.  Then Tabitha taught a lesson on Saul to Paul and the kids made a butterfly craft to show how a worm can be transformed into such a magnificent creature.  After that it was game time...We taught the kids how to do wheelbarrow races.  John, Sarah, Jenn, and myself had to demonstrate for the kids, and I do have to say that John and I won by a landslide.  The kids loved the wheelbarrow races, they were entertained for a long time by that one (bonus- because it was the only time all day we weren't running or chasing the kids).  Then onto good 'ol football (soccer).  The kids are crazy about it down here and some of them are really good.  The heat did not phase the kids one bit.  Sarah misunderstood the rules a 'lil and thought you were supposed to hit the ball with your face and has a nice shiner across her nose to show for it.  Okay so maybe the ball ricocheted off quite a few little feet and then a knee to meet her face (and believe it or not it wasn't John that did it, my bad).  The church sits in the valley below the mountains and each day after lunch the clouds roll off the mountain and it cools off some and we might get a quick sprinkle.  So when the clouds and sprinkles moved in we were excited for the drop in temperature and kept playing with the kids... then all of a sudden the skies opened and it started pouring rain.  We had to scramble to get all of our things together and ran over to the church with some of the kids to take shelter.  The rain lasted a while, so we played inside for a while, then the kids slowly wandered home here and there.Tonight, Pablo did our evening devotion from Ephesians Chapter 1:3-8.  Henry, one of our interpreters, came to translate for Pablo which was a good thing.  What we've been told about Henry is that he isn't a Christian, but is very friendly and a very hard worker.  So hopefully tonight opened up some doors for him and pray that he will keep in contact with Pablo after we leave. 


  • Impulse Costa Rica Trip - 011409

    Wow! It is awesome here in Costa Rica. Today was our second day of Vacation Bible School at the park across the street from the church. Both days there were about 35 children and many parents. God is so good! We didn't get any rain until today and even then when had just finished up.

    Cindy has been witnessing to a single mother of six. She is from Nicaragua and works cutting down sugar cane. She said she has been to the church a couple of times but to this point has not made a commitment. Please pray for this overwhelmed mother.

    Day 1, we became acquainted with the children and shared God's message. The children were very enthusiastic and repeatedly asked if we would be back tomorrow.

    Today, we sang songs, Donna and Cindy shared a skit, and then Donna presented the salvation message to the children. John, Sarah, and Jennifer played soccer with the kids, while Donna, Holly, and I helped the children make salvation bracelets. They love crafts!

    When playing "pato,pato,gonzo" (duck, duck, goose) Sarah, John and Jennifer were chosen by the kids sooo... much. Sarah fell from exhaustion, but she is ok. HaHaHa

    A gift given to all was an animal print visor. John got one and said it was his construction hat then proceeded to do construction in it. What a funny guy.

    The kids also loved playing elbow tag. They are supposed to latch onto your elbow to release the other player. While attempting this they ran full speed into us and each other tackling you. We all had a great time.



    Don't forget to look at the pictures on our website.

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