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Revival Countdown - 6

"Si quiere ver lo que nunca ha visto, tiene que hacer lo que nunca ha hecho."


This is a statement on a wall in one of our churches in Costa Rica.  Our 2011 Hillview Mission Trip Team had this printed on their shirts for their trip to El Salvador.  It grabbed my attention when I heard the translation.  In English, it says, "If you want to see what you've never seen, then do what you've never done."


As I look back over the years and the numerous revivals I have attended, success during those times came from making this statement a reality.  God wants to do tremendous, awe inspiring things among His people.  He wants them to experience His power and His Holy Spirit in a way that causes them to desire more!!! - More of Him.  That is exactly what He wants.  He wants us to want Him and a deep, meaningful relationship with Him.  That's the bottom line.  That's what it's all about.


Our desire for Him must surpass the desire for an emotional high.  It must supersede all relationships.  It must eclipse even the passion for ministry and service that many of us feed off of.  Better than a good sermon, an accomplishment for Him, or feeding 5,000 people is the passion to "know Him" (Philippians 3:10). 


We need revival more than we need food.  Psalm 84:10a says, "For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand..."  That's what we need.  That's what I need - to passionately desire to be in God's presence to the point that it is more important than food.  In Job 23:12b, Job says, "...I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food."  That's it.  That's what we need and that's what revival will bring.


When I fly in an airplane, about 30 minutes prior to landing, the pilot will come on the loud speaker and tell us that we are beginning our final descent.  You feel the jet engines cut back in power and the plane slowing down.  Then you feel the plane begin to gradually go down.  Excitement mounts as you get closer to your destination.  That's the feeling I have now.  Six days from now, it begins - or does it?  Pastor Kyle said yesterday in service it needs to begin now - and I agree.  The services begin in six days but revival needs to begin now.


Pray with me...

Lord, give me passion, desire and excitement - not for things; even Your things.  Give me a glimpse of You that my heart will stir within me.  May I be so consumed by You and thoughts of You that NOTHING else matters.  Forge in me a true heart that yearns for you and can't eat or sleep until I am totally consumed by your Spirit.  May what I do as it pertains to You and the building of our relationship cause me to see what I've never seen.  Give me a fresh glimpse of your glory.  Give me REVIVAL!

In Jesus' name,


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