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"I'll Pray For You"

Doug Donovan spoke at our Men's Breakfast this morning and did a fantastic job.  He talked a lot about prayer and it brought something to mind that I have to share.  So often when someone brings a situation or problem to us, we say "I'll pray for you."  I worry this is often used as a casual response and there is a danger of it becoming nothing more than a clich√©. How serious are you when you say those words?

They are powerful words.  Prayer is a powerful thing.  We move Heaven and God moves earth and its events when we pray. I made a commitment a long time ago not to lie.  When I tell someone I'm going to pray, as soon as I possibly can I stop what I'm doing and pray as I promised.  We receive prayer requests from a lot of different avenues:  personal requests, FaceBook, Twitter, the Hillview Prayer Blog and many others.  We need to be more serious about prayer.

We had our first elder led prayer meeting this past Wednesday night and there were only a handful in attendance.  It is so sad that God's people don't recognize where God's power is displayed so tremendously in our life.  Prayers are more powerful than atomic bombs or hurricanes.  Prayers have moved armies, healed the sick, helped on a school test, changed the course and direction of our lives and brought us to where we are.  It's time we get serious about prayer.

We are postponing the series on I-Family until later.  God has a message for all of us to hear.  Be here at Hillview tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. for Sunday School and 11 a.m. for church to hear what God has to say.  Begin praying now that God will use this time to change all of our lives!

Love you all.


Published Saturday, January 09, 2010 8:38 AM by Pastor Bill


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