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For the past few Wednesday nights I have been challenged by a few of the young boys in our youth group to play a game that I played when I was young - P.I.G. That's the game where you shoot a basketball from somewhere on the court and, if you make it, the person following you has to make the same shot the same way.  It's a little easier than its counterpart H.O.R.S.E.  Needless to say I beat all four of the boys hands down two weeks ago.  NO! I did not let those little boys win!!!  I do have a little competitiveness in my blood (though not much).  Then, this past Wednesday, I lost.  A little 10 year old boy, Justin Coffey to be exact, destroyed me! I P.I.G.'ed out and he didn't even have a P. It didn't even take but about eight minutes until he had me crawling off the court with my tail between my legs.

I've learned a lot from these boys. Danny, Ray, Austin, Justin - all of them - they love to win and they LOVE beating an adult at their own game.  They are good at P.I.G. and they are good boys.  I learned something else.  Kids like to play games and they enjoy playing with adults.  In fact, it makes them feel special.  Funny how we see this at school and when they are involved in recreational sports like football, softball and soccer but we miss in at the church.  We think church is just for the spiritual.  Well, in a way, it is.  Can P.I.G. be a spiritual thing?  Even though I may get a little carnal out on the court, spending quality time with the boys and showing them that I love them is a very spiritual thing.

I've worked with the children in church since I graduated high school.  In fact, I spoke at a church on a Sunday night a couple weeks ago and the pastor of the church was in my Junior Boys Sunday School class and children's church over 20 years ago.  I am so proud of him and the work he is doing for the kingdom. The trouble and struggles he gave me as well as all the time I spent with him were well worth it now that I see how God is using him. Amazing what level of impact we can have on those we minister to.

I want to encourage every parent, grandparent and attender to get involved with the youth of the church in some way or another.  It's one of the greatest and funnest ways to make an impact on a soul.  They need us! They WANT us and our involvement in their lives.  Today, say a special prayer for the young people of the church.  School has begun and they need those passionate prayers as they traverse through the halls of our totally secular schools.  Pray also for the teachers, youth pastors and workers who invest their time in their lives.

Well, tonight will be another game of P.I.G.  Watch out guys.  I'm ready to beat your socks off!

Have a great day!


Published Wednesday, August 26, 2009 6:15 AM by Pastor Bill
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